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We not only offer proofreading as a part of our completed translations but also as a separate service.

Language proofreading

Language proofreading involves spelling and grammar checks, along with checks for capital and lower case letters, punctuation marks, clerical errors, spaces, word forms, punctuation marks, preposition connections and other grammatical expressions. Language proofreading is a part of every translation and is included in the price.

Stylistic Proofreading

A stylistic proofreading secures an appropriate language level in the translation as well as the text’s understandability and clarity. In this form of proofreading, the consistency of words is checked along with the material accuracy of the text, its pure style and the accuracy of the content. Stylistic proofreading is recommended for texts that will be published.

Pre-print proofreading

A pre-print proofreading removes any clerical errors, missing letter or incorrectly separated words that can occur when merging texts.